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Reyburn & Bryant is a well established and proud Northland based consultancy company specialising in development planning, project management, surveying and land development engineering.

The company was founded in 1965 by the original directors David Reyburn and Selwyn Bryant. Since this time the company has continued to grow and diversify to the extent that it now employs professional and technical support staff including Planners, Registered Surveyors and Survey Technicians.

Reyburn & Bryant’s catchment area is large with projects spanning from Orewa in the south to Kaitaia in the north. Our wide range of clients are serviced from the Whangarei office and include full time property developers and companies involved in land development, local authorities and individuals involved in small scale land development activities.



                                                                                Brett Hood              Phil Lash                Richard Smales

Phillip Lash Registered Professional Surveyor RPSurv M.N.Z.I.S.
BSurv (Otago)
Director 20 years
Brett Hood Planner BSocSc (Waikato)
MPhil(REP) (Massey) 
Director 19 years
Richard Smales Registered Professional Surveyor RPSurv M.N.Z.I.S.
BSurv (Otago)
Director 16 years
Emma Miller Planner BRP (Hons) Massey Planner 16 years
Joseph Henehan BEP (Waikato) Planner  3 years 
Thomas Keogh MUrbPlan (Hons)
BA(geography) Auckland
Planner 2 years
Chris Knapp Licensed Cadastral Surveyor M.N.Z.I.S.
BSurv (Otago)
Senior Surveyor 17 years
Zane Mitten BSurv Surveyor 16 years
Aaron Harold Licensed Cadastral Surveyor M.N.Z.I.S.
BSurv (Otago)
Surveyor 10 years
Logan Millar BSurv (Otago) Surveyor 6 years
Paula Donald Certificate in Computer Graphic Design Draughtsperson 11 years
Stephanie Buckle National Diploma in Architectural Technology Draughtsperson 4 years


The above qualified staff are assisted by a number of administration, field and draughting staff. Reyburn & Bryant employs approximately 19 staff.