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One Tree Point/Marsden Point (Whangarei District)

Key Features

  • 194 lot ‘greenfields’ subdivision located in the Future Business 4 (heavy industrial) zone.
  • Development proceeding in 9 principle stages.
  • Effluent disposal linked with other developments in the area. Developers have banded together to help fund the required infrastructure upgrade and get all projects in the area moving.
  • The development incorporates a large stormwater detention pond with available extra capacity for further development.


Reyburn and Bryant have been involved in obtaining the resource consent for this project and completing the surveying work on site.
Reyburn and Bryant has completed all surveying work on Stages 1 - 3. Surveying on Stages 4 - 6 is complete.


Stage 1 Completed - Titles Issued
Stage 2 Completed - Titles Issued
Stage 3 Completed - Titles Issued
Stage 4 Completed - Titles Issued
Stage 5 Pegging Complete
Stage 6 Pegging Complete