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Pompallier Estate Drive – Whangarei (Whangarei District)

Key Features

  • This 87 lot residential and rural/residential subdivision is located on Pompallier Estate Drive in Maunu.
  • The subdivision allows for 68 residential allotments with an average lot size of approximately 700m² - 800m² and a further 19 rural/residential lots located adjoining the Nihotetea Stream with an average lot size of 2,000m².
  • The subdivision allows for an esplanade reserve adjoining the Nihotetea Stream and also a 1.2ha bush reserve to vest in the Whangarei District Council.
  • The subdivision works incorporate the upgrading of Pompallier Estate Drive from its rural roading standard through to the Council’s Urban standard with an asphalted concrete surface and associated kerb and channel.
  • The subdivision design encompasses three round-a-bouts at each of the cul-de-sac intersections with natural stone/rock work from the area brought into the round-a-bout design and also the entrance structure.
  • The subdivision design allowed for a new sanitary sewer pumping station in order to provide gravity reticulation to the subdivision.


The subdivision has allowed for an interesting entrance structure to be designed by a local Artist making use of iron sculptures and local stone work. Reyburn & Bryant were responsible for the subdivision design and resource consent application along with the associated civil engineering design and construction management.


Stage I was completed in early 2007.
Stage II was completed in 2008.
Stage IB was completed in 2010.
2 stages remain.